Ngoc Lan F.Tran

Ex Amleto (Atto II)

Roberto Herlitzka for Flewid – Book #3

The story

Photographer: Ngoc Lan F. Tran

Fashion Editor: Emi Marchionni

Make-Up: Katia Simeoni

Grooming: Antonia Ninni

Photographer’s Assistant Daniele Bossetti

Special thanks Rosangela Gallina and NCE Italiana S.r.l.

Roberto Herlitzka wears all clothing @antoniomarrasofficial archive @antoniomarras_personal


and the phantom 

I shoot this set in two hours after month of 

preparations and complications.

I looked for him, I wanted exactly him.

Then, a little old giant in front of me 

played a private Hamet for us. 

I touched him, asked him to follow

the golden stream of light and he gaves me 

the opportunity

to shoot his wonderful soul.